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Teddy Bear Parties

We love the idea of a teddy bear party and by having a teddy bear party at your own venue, it removes the stress of a shopping centre and it's not rushed.


Our teddies are excellent quality and we have a super range too!  We've even got suggested party packs to make life easier for you when ordering.


That's why our teddy bear parties are such a great hit with any age (grown ups too!), everyone loves making a teddy!  

What a kit contains

  • A fluffy friend skin
  • Stuffing
  • Birth certificate
  • Wishing heart for inside
  • Carry box or bag

Meet the fluffy friends

Below is the selction of 16" furry friends available

Below is the selection of 8" furry friends we have available


Price List

Our gorgeous 16" soft toys are £10 each and our cute size 8" teddies cost £8 each - this includes everything you need to make your friend including the stuffing, make a wish star for inside and a display bag to carry them in. The entertainer fee is a flat rate of £125.


For example if 12 children take part, the party will cost £245 (£10 for each kit and £125 for the entertainer) 

The running order

This type of party lasts around 90 minutes. An example of a teddy bear party running order is:


  • Entertainer meets and greets with sweets and bubbles whilst playing music as your guests arrive
  • The entertainer then starts with some music games, giving out prizes and sweets throughout
  • Then the entertainer will get the children in a circle to play pass the parcel
  • Then the teddy bear making activity will commence
  • (Optional t-shirt decorating activity will follow)
  • Then the entertainer will do more dancing games with prizes and sweets throughout
  • Then the entertainer will do another activity, the magic show works really well, but choose what you want from the activities page will be fine.
  • To finish off, the entertainer will do another game 

Teddy bear outfits?

Check out the teddy bear wardrobe with all these gorgeous outfits.  If you wish to add an outfit to your build a bear add £5 to each kit or if you wanted to add a plain white t-shirt to your party, the children can decorate them with fabric pens. Plain t-shirts cost £1.75 each.

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