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Tailor your party by choosing your own activities, you can even choose what the entertainer wears!  Is your child crazy about princesses or loves being a pirate, then why not invite one to their party! Our other costumes so far have been: Firefighter, Soldier, Ana from Frozen,  Fairy, Cow girl, Space adventurer, Mad Hatter and Tutu Clown but we are willing to consider any suggestions you have!

Mini Disco


You can now choose to have a mini disco alongside your chosen activities in your package! A great activity for any age and ideal to have along side activities such as face painting or balloon modelling, where a queue is expected. Now, the children can enjoy chasing the lasers and lights and dancing to their favourite song as Hi 5 Entertainment really get your party started! Super fun for little ones too, the changing shapes will have them mesmerised!

Please let us know if you would like us to supply glow sticks for all the children too.                                                                                               

Glitter Tattoos


Glitter tattoos are the new rage, a definite hit for both boys and girls of all ages.  With a great selection of templates and coloured glitters avilable, every child is sure to find one to suit them.  From Darth Vader to Tinkerbell, Batman to Elsa, each child gets their very own template which won't be used on anyone else, we can also provide tailor tattoos to suit your theme.

The tattoo lasts around 10 days but can be removed with baby oil if needed.

Two parachute sizes available

Parachute Games


Playing with the parachute is a fantastic group activity and there are lots of games to play!  For the younger party, we can use the parachute to sit around and sing songs, tell stories and just shake and make lots of wind and noise!  The older children love it zooming giant balls into the air, playing swapping games and playing 'sharks'.  One game everyone loves is where you crawl underneath the parachute to collect a sweetie from the treasure box!  The parachute is ideal for parties inside a hall or community room or out in the garden.

Magic Show


Our activities are designed to keep your birthday party entertained throughoutand so in order to do this, they aren't too long.  Our children's magic show is no exception and usually consists of three tricks and a lot of laughing.  The birthday child gets the choice to be our magic helper so there are plenty of photo opportunities of them in the spotlight.  The magic is perfect for children as young as 3 and up to 11.

Face Painting


Kids love facepainting and its a real treat to get your face painted at a party. In order to keep the party flowing and all the children entertained, Hi 5 Entertainment hire a professional face painter to paint the children whilst the entertainment from us can still go on so there will be an extra charge for this but the children will receive excellent face paints. If you wish to have a face painter - please check availablility immediately.

*Please note that children under 3 will not be face painted due to insurance*

Sports Day fun and games


Why not have your own sports day wth Hi5 Entertainment?!  With traditional egg and spoon races as well as sack races (for grown ups too!) as well as team relays and our hilarious stretchy band game, your party will be having the best fun, this is a great activity to have with the parachute games too.


*We recommend these for larger venues or outside parties with no more than 20 children*


Circus Skills workshop


We have a professional circus skills performer that runs organised workshops as part of your party, there is an additional charge for this but with the popularity of the Greatest Showman, the circus is a real hit at the moment. However if you don't wish to have an organised workshop but want the circus skills materials available, we can provide these as one of your actitivites which is no additional cost. Whatever you choose,it's super fun for all!

Puppet fun


Our pesky puppets are full of mishchief so watch out!  Polly Parrot likes to show off and always insists in helping with the magic but watch out she doesn't try and pinch your party food! Tilly likes her tummy tickled and Tucker likes playing games.  Our puppets are great for the younger audience and always like to come and say hi!

The puppets are a nice addition and always make the children laugh and join in but please note this is not a puppet 'show'.

Balloon Modelling


Balloon models are ace to play with and we often use this as a closing activity for the birthday party so the children have one to take home with them.  This activity is not just about making cool shapes, we have lots of fun leading up to the making stage that make them giggle.


Some of the popular designs children choose are:

  • Flowers
  • Swords/Light Sabers
  • Dogs
  • Dinosaurs
  • Rabbit
  • Giraffe
  • Fairy/butterfly wings
  • Mouse
  • Monkey up a palm tree
  • Octopuses

Traditional games


Duck duck goose, Whats the time Mr Wolf, Pass the Parcel, Musical statues, bumps and our version of musical chairs are all a must at a party. Great with or witout the disco, these games mostly all have prizes attached. With prizes given for best dancers, silliest face, best statue, last one standing and best teamwork, there is much to be won. The parties come with music games and pass the parcel but we can do extensive games as an activity.

Childrens Quiz


The children's quiz is a great party activity for children aged 7 and older and requires the children to get into groups.  The quiz is usually made up of four general knowledge rounds about music, films, shapes & numbers and spelling and then a final round all about the birthday child!  This is a great fun activity and in final round where their friends answer questions about them,  makes the birthday child feel extra special!   We tailor the quiz to your party age and as its all for fun, everyone gets a sweetie prize at the end but the winners get a medal too!


If you have any questions about the activities or costumes available please contact us via our contact form.

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