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Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, once a £50 deposit is received, your booking is secure, you can then pay as often as you like as long as full payment is received  before or on the day of the party.


What time will the entertainer get there?

The entertainer will arrive 20 minutes before the party starts.  She will come and see you and speak to you about the party, meet the birthday child, set up the music, then meet and greet your guests as they arrive.
If I need to have the entertainer for longer than originally planned, is this possible?
As soon as you realise that you need the entertainer for longer, just give us a call and check, it's usually fine but as the entertainer may have other parties after yours, its always best to check.  The extra cost can be paid in cash on the day.
What if we have to cancel the party? Will I get my money back?
Yes but we do go by the policy that once the deposit is paid, this can't be refunded as we may have turned down work to attend your party or bought prizes/tattoos to match your theme.  However if matters are out of your hands like extreme weather, we will consider refunding the whole amount.


Is there any activity you dont recommend for younger children?

Face painting is not something we like to do for children under 3.  Many facepaint manufaturers have not tested their paints on children under 3, so therefore advise against it.  Besides children under 3 are often too fidgety whilst trying to paint.


When would you recommend we book an extra entertainer?

When you know you are going to have over 25 guests and you have selected the face painting as an activity.  Trying to save money by just having one entertainer to paint so may faces, ends up with a lot of children waiting around. 


I'm not sure which acitivities to choose!

Give us a call or drop us an email, we can give you some guidance depending upon the age of the child, what sort of things they like or dislike and how many children you are expecting and what age they are. 


Does it matter what type of venue we have?

We have done parties in houses, pubs, church halls, community centres and gardens even on the alter of a church!  It really depends on the activities you want and how much space we need for them, we may also need access to power for the music but it may also be possible to use battery operated music systems.  Just ask the question and we will always try and change things so you don't have to.


Can I pay by cheque?

Yes, you can pay by cheque as long as you pay the balance 7 days before your party to give us time to clear it.


What prizes are included?

We always include a pass the parcel prize, which the birthday child will receive, each layer will have sweets or small prizes and then the main prize will be age appropriate and will be something like felt tips and an activity book, sweets and a tattoo.  We also provide small prizes for games such as books, stationery, toys or activity packs and every child receives sweets and lollipops throughout.


Are the sweets vegetarian?

Usually we use gelatine sweets but we are more than happy to buy vegeatarian sweets in preparation for your party.  Or if you prefer, we could supply chocolate instead. We always ask for dietary requirements on our booking forms.


My child can be quite shy, what if they dont want to join in? 

We would never force your child to join in or make them feel embarrassed about being shy.  We will try several techniques to encourage them to join in but often if we don't pressure them, or if you come into the activity with them, they soon start having fun.  It's also helpful if you know a particular activity that they like and we can juggle the schedule a little to have that activity first. 











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