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Tips for a successful party

We've been at this party game long enough now to know what makes it a success and to detect what can go wrong, which is why we have made a little list of suggestions to make your party run as smooth as possible.


First of all, trust us - we are experienced and we will be able to deal with anything unexpected in a professional manner.


Make sure you choose the right activities for the amount of children going.  Or if the amount of children increases after you make your booking, be sure to speak with us about your options as activities like facepainting or balloon modelling may need to be reconsidered, alternatively a second entertainer could be booked.


Make sure that the venue is appropriate for your chosen activities too.  If it is an outside event or in a small room, there are certain activities that won't work so well but talk to one of our team to discuss your options, there is a party that will suit everyone!


The entertainer will bring their own music but think about providing some of your own for before and after they leave, especially if you book the entertainer for just a part of your party time.


On the odd occassion, the birthday child can be shy or overwhelmed by the party day.  Our entertainers will try to encourage them to join in as much as they can; sometimes just coming to speak to them with you away from the group, sometimes by changing the activity to something calmer or something you have said they like in particular.  However, we don't want to make them feel worse so sometimes we just have to continue even if they dont want to join in.  Please don't be angry or disappointed, they will still enjoy watching and they will love having all their friends around them too.


Sometimes, especially if it's a summer holiday birthday, you may not be aware of the numbers of children attending.  There may be more or less, either way don't worry, we can adapt the activities accordingly so that everything runs smoothly.  We always bring all of our full kit with us, so we will have activities you may not have chosen, available to use if we need to.


There will always be people that turn up late, very rarely to people arrive before the party time and most will arrive after.  As it works best that we start our entertainment when everyone is there, we  suggest that you put on your invites that the party starts 15 minutes before we start.  For example you book us from 2-4pm, butyou invite people to arrive at 1.45 for a 2pm start.  We usually wait for everyone but sometimes just have to start because everyone else is waiting and we will not be able to stay for the unbooked time after the party.


Our aim is to entertain the children, which will mean getting them pretty hyper!  We make them shout, laugh, run, dance and sing and we give them sugar!  Obviously this is a recipe for behaviour which may need controlling but don't worry, we are well experienced in this area and with support from parents, we hope we won't need to tell any children off!  We can simply change the activity to something calmer or more focused, give that child a role of responsibility, give them incentives or in rare cases we will ignore them or ask them to sit with their adult.  However, our entertainers will not tolerate any physical abuse and any child doing this will be reported to you.  Luckily we have never had this happen and hope it never will.

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