Teddy Bear Parties

We love the idea of a teddy bear party but dont like the lack of privacy in shopping centres, plus we understand that teddies are expensive enough without being in a store surrounded by the temptation of accessories and outfits which cost a fortune!  That's why our teddy bear parties are a great hit with any age (grown ups too!) and are great if there is a mixed age group too, everyone loves making a teddy!  

You can choose from a super selection of soft toys and our entertainer will come to the privacy of your home, or church hall, or garden and host the activity.  Once the activity is complete, your party guests get to play games, watch a magic show or have a dance with their new soft toy friends!  You can choose your extra activities from the activities page.  Don't forget Sweets, Prizes, Pass the Parcel and Bubble Fun is included in every party too!

All soft toys are £10 per child which includes everything you need to make your friend and a handy draw string bag to keep them in.  The entertainer fee is discounted, full prices are on the party packages page.


Teddy bear outfits?

Check out the teddy bear wardrobe with all these gorgeous outfits. Outfits are priced at £10 each for your guests but the birthday child gets bear and outfit absolutley free!

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